Single-Phase Remote Local Fee-Controlled Smart Meter DDZY637C

Single-Phase Remote Local Fee-Controlled Smart Meter DDZY637C

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DDZY637C single-phase local fee-controlled intelligent electric energy meter is an intelligent electric energy metering product developed and produced by our company. It is suitable for the measurement of single-phase AC active energy with rated voltage of 220V and frequency of 50Hz. It has independent modulation infrared port and 1 RS485 communication port; it has IC bayonet, which can support local cost control function; this watch has the advantages of high reliability, high precision and long life. It adapts to a wide voltage range and does not need to be adjusted after the machine is shipped. It can be widely used in the measurement of single-phase AC in urban, rural or factory enterprises.

As long as the features:

·Electric energy metering: It can measure positive and negative active energy and has time-sharing function;

· Display function: LCD automatic wheel display or display manual display of power, voltage and other information, the display content can be programmed:

·Measurement and monitoring: It can measure, record and display the operating parameters such as voltage, current (including neutral current), power and power factor of the current energy meter;

· Rate, time and electricity price plan: There are 2 sets of rate schedules, which support at least 4 rates, 2 sets of electricity price schemes and can be automatically converted according to requirements:

· Power freeze: It has the functions of timed freezing, instantaneous freezing, contract freezing, daily freezing, and freezing of the whole point;

· Event record: It can record events such as clearing, programming, power-off, pulling and closing, opening the cover;

·Communication function: with infrared, RS485 communication:

· Local fee control function: The power consumption parameter setting of the energy meter is realized by the CPU card to realize the control function of the energy meter:

·Alarm function: When there is a fault inside the meter, the meter will display the fault code and alarm.

· Power-off meter reading: The button wakes up the LCD display and can be read by infrared.

Use range:

220V 1.5(6)A-20(100)A Imax/lb≤12, suitable for modern residential and urban users, and realize remote fee control function after networking.

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