DTZY637 Phase four-wire control smart meter costs

DTZY637 Phase four-wire control smart meter costs

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DTS637 DSS637 three-phase electronic active energy meter (with RS485 communication function) by the factory according to GB/T17215.321-2008 "AC electrical measuring equipment special requirements Part 21: Static active energy meter (Grade 1 and 2), DL /T614-2007 "Multi-function electric energy meter", and other standards for design and manufacture. This product uses high performance micro processing chips. The communication protocol complies with the requirements of DL/T614-2007 "Multi-function Energy Meter Communication Protocol". The product has advanced design, reasonable structure, high precision, wide load, low power consumption, high sensitivity, stable and reliable operation, strong anti-interference ability, wide operating voltage range: 70%-1 30%Un, wide load: achievable 6 times overload: It is the preferred reactive energy metering product in the power supply department.

The table is suitable for modern districts or enterprises, institutions, networking, and automatic meter reading.

Main features:

· Made with advanced solid state integration technology and SMT process

·High precision, high sensitivity, strong overload capability, low power consumption, small size, light weight, good stability, high reliability and long life of more than 10 years

· With reverse detection and indication function

· With grid monitoring function, phase failure, phase error, reverse indication information.

• The power indicator can be selected from a mechanical meter or a liquid crystal.

· Programming with hardware protection and secondary password protection.

· It has RS485 communication interface with the mains to realize remote meter reading.

· Has a power pulse test output port.

· Wide operating voltage range: 70% -1 30%Un, wide load: up to 6 times overload

Use range:

220V1.5 (6) A-30 (100) A. This table is especially suitable for modern residential areas or enterprises and institutions, and the network realizes automatic meter reading.

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