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Jiangsu Shengde electric meter Co.Ltd which was founded in June 2001 is one of the most famous enter-prises that engaged in researching and producing electric meters,and has the strong power of intergrating
design research produce sale and service. these years benefited from national network construction project,our company has developed into a medium/large-scale new enterprises.

in recent years,the company insists on obeying the market rules and concerning customers' needs,providing perfectservices is our pursuant goal.Company makes effort to develop and innovate,further to meet power measurement
demand.The company products have basically covered all types of electric energy measurement products,the main products include:ordinary single/three-phase active static meter,single/three-phase 485 electric
meter,three-phase reactive electric meter,three-phase active combination of reactive eletric meter,single/three-phase multi-tariff static meter,single/three-phase pre-paid static meter,three-phase multi-function Meter;
company can also develop in accordance with customer demand,and be devoted in researching and manufacuring the production of special requirements of the electric meter.

the company has a number of outstanding staff,be responsible on the design development and management of the staff have more than 10 years work experience,all of the general staff of more than secondary or equivalent
qualifications.All company management is operating and conducting in accordance with the requirements of ISO9001 system standard,so it guarantee the product's quality and service capacity.

we always adhere to the philosophy that"accurate measurement,keep improving".Having passed the ISO9001 certificate in 2001,with the distinguished brand image and strict quality management system,Shengde has
established sales and service network all over the country.And now,we have exported our products to many countries of Asia,South America,and the Middle East,etc.It is worth mentioning that all the products from our
company have passed the test of provincial quality measurement supervision departments these years.

we are looking forward to being the best for you. We believe that with excellent corporate culture,Shengde will develop into a well-known multi-national manufacturer in electric field.

in 2010,during the forth bidding and purchasing of Nation Grid,we got 172,033 set of single-phase remote control of smart meter,amounting to 20 million yuan.


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